Traveling around the world, I always love to get a feel for the different cultures including the food habits each country has to offer. I was traveling to numerous places around Germany, always trying to find the best Döner kebab. After growing up in Karlsruhe, Germany, I had very good places around me and to go to, and people in Germany love kebab. Döner Zel seems to have nowadays got the strongest reputation for kebab and for a reason – because it’s delicious and I love it. During my studies in the United Kingdom, I also tried Döner kebabs, but anywhere was a disaster. In Turkey itself, it was better, but they didn’t seem to get any close to the one in Karlsruhe – yummy !


Where to eat the best kebab in the world ?

Döner Zel

You will want to order either a Yufka, Döner Pizza or the Dönerteller with Ayran drink. If you are really hungry, get them all, ha ha.

What’s so good and different about it ?

The meat is incredible (beef). The Yufka dough is thin and delicious and the garlic yogurt sauce just unique. If you don’t believe me, ask anyone you meet on the street in Karlsruhe, ha ha. When traveling to Germany, this should not be missed. Please feel free to share your feedback and experience within the comment section below or perhaps your tip on the best Döner kebab.


Fun fact

After I arrived back in Germany from my work and travel around the world trip for ten months, I headed straight to eat at Döner Zel before visiting my parents. You gotta set priorities right ?




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