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Tobias Weber


Namaste and welcome to I TRAVEL FOREVER (ITF) !

My name is Tobias Weber from Germany and I’ve traveled over 1,200+ days. Everywhere I go, I connect with the locals. This way, I experience travel to the fullest for maximum happiness. I love the feeling of freedom, getting out of my comfort zone; and I use my spare time traveling around the world.

After traveling the world – twice – I got a 9-6 job while still managing to travel, always. I TRAVEL FOREVER is a personal dream. Let’s share the wanderlust spirit !

Upcoming destinations in 2019-2021: 

Alaska – Antarctica – Asia –  Central America – Europe – Iceland –  North America – Patagonia – South America and many more.


Travel philosophy of ITF

My travel philosophy: connect with the locals, travel forever. It involves traveling spontaneously, arriving anywhere and connecting with the locals and people. Seeking the unexpected, I choose unlikely destinations, thus I write about off-the-beaten-track adventures and unique local experiences. It is a different angle that I long to share with readers. Read more about my travel style and my recent experiences !

How it all started: Audi A6 or work and travel in Australia ?

Before I started my first ever-big trip in 2010, I was straddling a very great decision to buy an Audi A6 for $15,000 or to go work and travel in Australia. Can you guess what my decision was ?

Yes, and I?m so happy about the best decision of my life ! I had an awesome 10 months traveling around the globe, which was just the start of a great journey. In comparison to an Audi A6, it is priceless. The best memories of all the new friends I made from around the world and the experiences I had will never be forgotten. They have shaped me into the person I am today.

How traveling has changed my life ?

When I turned 18, I had the goal of owning a house by the time I reached 25. After that first trip to Australia at 20, traveling completely changed my life goal ? by the time I turned 25, I would have traveled the world, and so I did ! I also believe by traveling solo, I learned so much about myself and it helped me become a really confident, outgoing, funny person (I think) and someone who cares much more about people and my surroundings. This is what makes me believe so much in traveling, so I?recommend everyone, once in a lifetime, to travel alone.?It?s a beautiful experience.

I became very passionate and greedy for traveling; whilst studying at university I even traveled from the UK to Rio de Janeiro for a night because I found a very good flight deal. Fun fact but true, unfortunately I missed my return flight, so I had to pay the extra.

Every trip I?ve taken since still fulfilled me with the excitement, happiness and freedom but in a different way. It?s an incredible feeling, which is hard to describe and I just love it !


My top 30 most amazing experiences

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Traveled destinations

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