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Tobias Weber


Namaste and welcome to I TRAVEL FOREVER (ITF) !

My name is Tobias Weber from Germany and I’ve traveled over 1,200+ days. Everywhere I go, I connect with the locals. This way, I experience travel to the fullest for maximum happiness. I love the feeling of freedom, getting out of my comfort zone; and I use my spare time traveling around the world.

After traveling the world – twice – I got a 9-6 job while still managing to travel, always. I TRAVEL FOREVER is a personal dream. Let’s share the wanderlust spirit !

7 destinations I want to visit in 2018/2019: 

Antarctica, Papua New Guinea, Patagonia, Russia, Central America, Philippines, Italy.


Travel philosophy of ITF

My travel philosophy: connect with the locals, travel forever. It involves traveling spontaneously, arriving anywhere and connecting with the locals and people. Seeking the unexpected, I choose unlikely destinations, thus I write about off-the-beaten-track adventures and unique local experiences. It is a different angle that I long to share with readers. Read more about my travel style and my recent experiences !

How it all started: Audi A6 or work and travel in Australia ?

Before I started my first ever-big trip in 2010, I was straddling a very great decision to buy an Audi A6 for $15,000 or to go work and travel in Australia. Can you guess what my decision was ?

Yes, and I’m so happy about the best decision of my life ! I had an awesome 10 months traveling around the globe, which was just the start of a great journey. In comparison to an Audi A6, it is priceless. The best memories of all the new friends I made from around the world and the experiences I had will never be forgotten. They have shaped me into the person I am today.

How traveling has changed my life ?

When I turned 18, I had the goal of owning a house by the time I reached 25. After that first trip to Australia at 20, traveling completely changed my life goal – by the time I turned 25, I would have traveled the world, and so I did ! I also believe by traveling solo, I learned so much about myself and it helped me become a really confident, outgoing, funny person (I think) and someone who cares much more about people and my surroundings. This is what makes me believe so much in traveling, so I recommend everyone, once in a lifetime, to travel alone. It’s a beautiful experience.

I became very passionate and greedy for traveling; whilst studying at university I even traveled from the UK to Rio de Janeiro for a night because I found a very good flight deal. Fun fact but true, unfortunately I missed my return flight, so I had to pay the extra.

Every trip I’ve taken since still fulfilled me with the excitement, happiness and freedom but in a different way. It’s an incredible feeling, which is hard to describe and I just love it !

My top 30 most amazing experiences

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